2020 team building activity

    In order to enhance team cohesion, enhance team execution, and at the same time enhance friendship between brothers, Hangzhou Xingda Machinery Co., Ltd. organized a one-day team building activity in Lin'an Wind Valley on October 10th.

    On the morning of the 10th, all personnel in the outreach training were divided into twelve teams wearing team vests. The team names, captains, team logos, and slogans of their respective teams were determined by teamwork, and team PK activities were launched. The twelve teams were passionate and motivated.

    After the icebreaking warm-up activity, the project training activity officially began in the form of competitive PK. Under the guidance of professional coaches, we conducted three competitions in an orderly manner: "Don't Fall the Forest", "Encourage People's Heart", and "Pearl Traveling Ten Thousand Miles".

    In the three specific tasks, the teams cooperated with each other, helped each other, overcome difficulties, and finally succeeded after continuous failure and exploration. In the face of various difficulties and challenges, the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, the encouragement, tolerance, and suggestions among the team members, virtually make the team more united.

    After the lunch break, everyone once again assembled as a big team, and each team leader stood out to complete the “glove-free” project. Everyone worked together and showed the strength of unity. After the captain game session, Mr. Ye made a summary speech on the team building activity on behalf of the company and presented awards for the winning team in the morning activity.

    After the project activities were over, everyone had free activities and experienced project activities such as "Little Train", "Slingshot Flying Man" and "Flying on the Grass".

    Through the one-day team building activities, it not only increased the cohesion and centripetal force between the employees of the company, but also provided valuable experience and wealth for the employees in their future work. Hope we continue to move forward, just like our slogan, "Challenge yourself, teamwork; pursue excellence and create brilliance together!"