Item: Industrial Standard Sprocket

Standard Sprockets Introduction:
&Material:DIN GG20,GG25 or or C1045 steel,For each batch of casting,inspection certificate including chemcial composition, tensile strength, hardness etc will be tested & issued; for each batch steel material, subsupplier will provide material certificate issued by steel plant.
&Machining:Precesion machining for pulley with stock bore, taper bore and gear.
&Finish: Black oxide for steel Sprockets,Black phosphate for cast iron Sprockets.
&Package: Master carton.

Sprockets:Made to Orders’ Prints and/or Samples
Made-to-order Sprockets Introduction:
&Material:Aluminium,Alloy material etc.
&Finish:No surface treatment,oiled.
&Package: Master carton.
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